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Từ khóa: Klipsch RSB-14 Playfi Sound Bar – REVIEW, Klipsch RSB-14 Playfi Sound Bar – REVIEW, Klipsch RSB-14 Playfi Sound Bar – REVIEW

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  1. Cheflix Chaotic

    So for clarity does this not link to a phone w/o bluetooth capability or you have to only have a(n) "hardline" internet access as you said home, I ask bc i was thinking of purchasing but i don't have a home internet connection at present??

    Thanks appreciated the review yours was the best & simple/DIRECT LOL SO 👍🏿

  2. Tony Patterson

    I feel that this review is not very detailed and has left about 2/3 of the functionality untouched, or at least not fleshed out. I sold and installed this soundbar for about 3 years, and although it does sound amazing, there are some very major problems with it. The hdmi ARC just does not work, at all. Every installer I work with has voiced this same frustration. I have this soundbar at home and cannot get the ARC handshake to work on either of my Samsung t.v.'s or my Panasonic VT30. Sometimes it will work for a short time, but then just seems to forget itself and I have to switch back to optical.
    Then there is the play-fi download and update. You absolutely have to install this to a usb stick first, then you download to the soundbar. I know this isn't impossible for most, but too many customers have found this to be frustrating and simply ridiculous. When using play-fi in my home, I am VERY pleased with the control and sound performance when it works. But holy moly, I have to reset and reconnect far too often. And about a month ago, I ran into a connection error that was not fixable for about a week, then suddenly seemed to right itself.
    Using the RW-1 is the worst satellite speaker I have ever heard, period! I have 2 of them, and when I turn it all the way up, it is at best still very quiet. The soundbar completely drowns out the sound of the RW-1's at very, very low volumes. They also only connect to the bar using the wifi connection, which is an absolute pain in the ass! If you want to turn these into surrounds, you have to go I to the Klipsch app and remove them from play-fi and assign them as your surrounds. This is not quick or easy. And then turning them back into whole home speakers is done by using the same process, but in reverse. Also, switching back and forth between the two modes seldom works on the first try. I find myself having to reset the app or the speakers multiple times and waiting about 2 minutes for each connection each time I restart.
    Now, the worst part, and I know this sounds like a stab at the bar, but I really do love the bar or else I would have sold it long ago, is the IR sensor. Boy oh boy, I have to be pointing right at this sucker to get any response out of the remote. I have my universal smart remote, my t.v. provider remote, and of course the Klipsch remote all programmed to the bar. I often have to hold my hand up in the air and fiddle around with my hand position in order to get a response. The led display is dim and hard to read, with no volume indicator displayed. This wouldn't be such an issue if the ARC was functioning properly and I had a volume display on the t.v., which does work great with other products I sell and install.
    The two positives about this bar are sound quality and aesthetics. I really do love quality of sound from this beauty, and the sub is a pretty decent sub as far as soundbars go. I use an SVS PB-3000 in my main setup that blows this out of the water, but I have come to expect little from the low end performance I get out of soundbars. This one actually isn't that bad. Holy smokes, I just realized how long this is. Gonna end it here, hope this helps for anyone thinking of buying one of these.

  3. Eric Pearson

    Mine is an absolute piece of shit. Half of the time it doesn't turn on with my sony tv, have to turn it off and on a few times before it works. Then it goes up to volume 35 every time it's turned on no matter what the volume of the tv was when it was turned off. First klipsch product that i regret buying. Piece of shit. Sounds good when you're able to trick the piece of shit into turning on.

  4. Chris Pharaoh

    i was given the rsb 14 wireless sub…can it be paired with an earlier brand like the rsb-11 soundbar or any other competitive brands…after i plugged the sub, I pressed and held the pair button for 10 sec but I didn't get the indicator light to flash or turn solid…what I am I doing wrong.

  5. Johnny Valles

    Love my RSB-14 soundbar, but it recently stopped working with the remote. So I can’t control any of the Klipsch remote functions to it. I even had it programmed to where the Directv remote was able to control the volume, but that stopped working too. I did a “reset” on the soundbar and it reset the subwoofer volume, but didn’t fix the issue. Now I can’t increase the Klipsch subwoofer volume to get that awesome “bass” sound because the remote functions still don’t work. Any ideas, suggestions or recommendations? Please help! It’s driving me nuts!

  6. Lucian Victor Gudiu

    Hi Jimmy , I have a question . I have money only for klipsch soundbar and bass module because they come together , and only for the soundbar 700 . If I was to choose , wich one should’ve I go ? I was very impressed with Bose 700 from your review , but I cannot afford the extra module . I want a system for movies and got down to these two . What is your input ? Please 🙂

  7. Son

    Dang, the intro soundtrack is dope. I am looking to buy my first soundbar system so I literally have no experience about them. I saw the Definitive Technology (manufacturer refurbished) for $200, this Klipsch and Vizio SB4451for roughly the same price. What would you recommend? Thanks

  8. Brendan Doyle

    And can you give more detail on the subwoofer in the video, I bought this set after watching, and was really disappointed by the subwoofer, and now I'm sending it back

  9. Sadiq Lewis

    Great video!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. Can you do a video on the Harman Kardon Enchant 800 sound bar that would be truly awesome if you did that.

  10. DarkRendition

    **QUESTION FOR JIM (or others)**
    I just bought an RSB-11 (in transit) and I am wondering what the differences would be. Am I sacrificing aural definition, clarity or precision in the mid's and high's (from bar)? What about the bass (sub)? Thank you to anyone in advance that can help with a solid answer 🙂 <3

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